One Man's Madness
Lee Thompson: One Man's Madness


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# Rastrear Artista/Compositor Duração
1.Title Music/House of FunMadness2:07
2.House of Fun (Opera Intro)Thommosina Leigh0:27
3.A Word About LeeFranksy0:12
4.House of FunMadness2:46
5.NW5 (Opera Intro)Thommosina Leigh0:57
7.A Word About ChemistryJohn Hasler0:13
8.Night Boat To CairoMadness3:31
9.Deceives the EyeMadness2:00
10.My GirlMadness2:45
11.Rockin' In AbMadness2:31
12.England's Glory (Demo)Ian Dury4:04
13.Razorblade AlleyMadness2:43
14.A Word from Suggs and ChasSuggs & Chas Smash0:15
15.The PrinceMadness3:20
16.One Step BeyondMadness2:18
17.Swan LakeMadness2:38
18.A Good Spell in the ArmyJohn Reid0:14
19.Land of Hope and GloryMadness2:58
20.A Sartorial WordTracy Thompson & Woody Suggs0:22
21.Baggy TrousersMadness2:27
22.A Word About PositivityNeil Brand0:14
23.Embarrassment (Opera Intro)Thommosina Leigh0:42
25.Return of the Los Palmas 7Madness2:33
26.Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)Madness3:14
27.A Word About the LawJohn Hasler & Tracy Thompson Suggs0:11
28.It's OK, I'm a PolicemanCrunch!3:31
29.A Flying WordChris Foreman & Neville Staple Mark Bedford0:15
30.Magic CarpetCrunch!3:06
31.A Word About KleptomaniaPat Barson0:16
32.Shut UpMadness2:51
33.A Lovely WordDebbie Thompson0:07
34.It Must Be LoveMadness3:20
35.Overdone (Remastered)Madness3:45
36.A Word About a LamppostNeil Brand0:10
37.Lovestruck (Opera Intro)Thommosina Leigh0:45
39.Johnny the HorseMadness3:20
40.Drip Fed Fred (feat. Ian Dury) (Remastered)Madness4:29
41.A Devillish WordJohn Foreman0:14
42.Dust DevilMadness3:44
43.A Sticky FrogChas Smash0:18
44.Wings of a DoveMadness2:59
45.A Word About PerseverancePat Barson0:04
46.Whistle in the DarkMadness3:29
48.Yesterday's MenMadness4:36
49.Michael CaineMadness3:34
50.BangarangThe Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra2:42
51.Sit Down & WonderLee Thompson3:12
52.Bite the BulletThe Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra2:53
53.Wicker ManThe Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra4:48
54.Birthday GirlCrunch!3:08
55.We Want Freddie (Remastered)Madness3:41
56.Here He Comes (Demo Version)Crunch!3:01
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