The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Mute Records (5099930101623)
Filme | Ano: 2011 | Formato: CD, Download

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# Rastrear Artista/Compositor Duração
1.Immigrant Song2:47
2.She Reminds Me of You4:25
3.People Lie All the Time4:10
4.Pinned and Mounted5:04
6.What If We Could?4:07
7.With the Flies7:41
8.Hidden in Snow5:18
9.A Thousand Details3:58
10.One Particular Moment7:00
11.I Can't Take It Anymore1:48
12.How Brittle the Bones1:49
13.Please Take Your Hand Away5:59
14.Cut Into Pieces4:03
15.The Splinter2:32
16.An Itch4:09
18.Under the Midnight Sun7:01
20.You're Here3:29
21.The Same As the Others3:08
22.A Pause for Reflection4:11
23.While Waiting2:17
24.The Seconds Drag4:33
25.Later Into the Night4:55
26.Parallel Timeline With Alternate Outcome6:32
27.Another Way of Caring7:02
28.A Viable Construct3:14
29.Revealed in the Thaw2:47
31.We Could Wait Forever4:21
33.Great Bird of Prey5:19
34.The Heretics5:20
35.A Pair of Doves2:02
37.The Sound of Forgetting2:30
38.Of Secrets3:25
39.Is Your Love Strong Enough?How To Destroy Angels4:30
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