Castle Freak

Perseverance Records 01/09/2015 Download
Perseverance Records 14/08/2015 CD - 1000 cópias (827034009225)
Filme Lançamento do filme: 1995

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# Rastrear   Duração
2.The Toy Room 
3.The Castle 
4.Giorgo Unleashed 
5.The Family Tomb 
6.John's Despair 
7.Giorgo Snaps Castello Di Giove 
9.Giorgo Abducts Becky 
10.The Final Battle 
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Castle Freak was scored by Richard Band, who worked with Full Moon Entertainment as part of the family venture. Richard had worked on most of the studio's movies plus most of other Stuart Gordon / H.P. Lovecraft films like Re-Animator, From Beyond or the director's Poe adaptation, The Pit and the Pendulum, not to mention Dan O'Bannon's 'The Resurrected'. Band's best-known work may be the Psycho-influenced underscore to Gordon's Re-Animator, but he also worked on over 95 feature films (including cult titles like Metalstorm and Mutant) and contributed music to such franchises as the Puppet Master series (also available from Perseverance) as well as the 'Masters of Horror' series for which he received an Emmy nomination. The composer's music is generally characterized by inventive and colorful solutions realized in a cost-efficient manner - but Band's true talent of creating unique atmospheres is perhaps most evident in his Castle Freak score. The energetic score to Castle Freak was first released when the film came out and the same generous program has been recreated for this re-issue. While the score may lack an easily hummable theme or cheeky quotations of more famous horror classics, it shows that Richard Band can live up to the challenge of scoring not only excess macabre, but also real human tragedies, both for the Reillys and Giorgio. It's a small gem that deserves re-discovery alongside the film it was written for. Now thanks to the reissue of the movie on blu-ray, Perseverance Records is reissuing it to fans who missed out on this CD release the first time around.
Product Description
Music Composed and Conducted by Richard Band

From the foreword by director Stuart Gordon:

'As Richard and I are both admirers of the classic film scores of composer Bernard Herrmann, I suggested that he might try limiting the instrumentation for CASTLE FREAK to stringed instruments, as Herrmann had done so effectively for Alfred Hitchcock’s PSYCHO. Richard took that idea and ran with it, creating a magnificent score that seems as if it is being played on the tautly stretched nerves of the terrified listeners themselves.

At times the music has a classical feel that seems perfect for the ancient stone walls of the thirteenth century castle. But like the title character, Band’s score can instantly transform into something fierce, primitive and out of control with screeching crescendos and crashing percussion as the strings are violently struck with mallets. The title theme, played by a string quartet, is in my opinion as disturbingly beautiful as Saint-Saens’ DANSE MACABRE.'

Limited Edition of 1000 Units.

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Castle Freak (1995)

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