24: Season 5

Filme | Data de lançamento: 24/05/2006 | Formato: CD

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1.Michelle's Death1:59
2.Jack and Audrey2:41
3.Assault in the Airport5:53
4.Remembrance to Palmer2:24
5.Curtis Breaking into the Assault6:47
6.Martha is Gone1:13
7.Derek's in Trouble5:27
8.Jack in the White House4:23
9.'There are not Contenders...'3:50
10.the Cumming's Conspiracy6:09
11.Rossler on the Move5:31
12.Gas in the Shopping Mail6:59
13.Gaining Access2:30
14.Jack Runs3:24
15.Christopher Henderson2:41
16.'How could I be so Stupid?'3:09
18.Tactical Operation4:48
19.'You've Read my File...·5:56
20.False Hope1:54
21.'She's Mine'2:44
22.Mike and Logan Pray4:45
23.Suvarov's Convoy Attacked2:07
24.Martha Arrives3:03
25.Tony's Discovery1:53
26.Ambush on the Rooftop4:37
27.Terrorist Infiltrated in the CTU6:57
28.Edgar's Death1:47
29.Chloe's in Shock4:21
30.Lynn McGill's Sacrifice3:50
31.Not to Shoot3:39
32.Henderson Escapes2:52
34.Tony's Farewell1:37
35.Martial Law4:43
36.A Hastey Retreat4:00
37.the Bank Manager6:37
38.Bierko's Transfer1:35
39.Collette's Arrest2:51
40.Blood on my Hands1:50
41.Bierko Entering the Gas Company2:36
42.Jack Storms the Gas Plant8:10
43.the Manifest6:10
44.Staying Low4:50
45.the Diversion3:59
46.Heller's Arrival2:59
47.Audrey Stays with Jack2:41
48.Wayne's Escape5:45
49.Woodland Escape5:38
50.Meeting Half Way2:21
51.a Friend in Need2:30
52.the Recording5:30
53.Tracking Device1:37
54.Menace to James Heller10:41
55.Toxic Submarine7:10
56.People like you3:53
57.Strike Point3:05
58.Jack versus Henderson1:41
60.Traps and Sacrifices5:02
61.'He's Alive'2:51
62.Chopper Replacement5:09
63.Interrogating President Logan5:56
64.Jack Charges against Logan7:09
65.Logan's Downfall6:35
66.'It's Over...'1:39
67.'I almost Lost you...'1:47
68.Audrey Raines Theme3:39
69.to Shanghai0:55
70.Jack Captured by Chinese5:58
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