Kingdom Hearts II

Toshiba-EMI (4988006203013)
Trilha sonora do jogo | Data de lançamento: 25/01/2006 | Lançamento do filme: 2005 | Formato: CD

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# Rastrear Artista/Compositor Duração
1.Dearly Beloved2:22
2.Passion -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version- Hikaru Utada3:41
3.Passion ~Opening Version~Hikaru Utada Hikaru Utada4:26
4.Lazy Afternoons1:40
5.Sinister Sundown1:14
6.The Escapade1:17
7.Dive Into The Heart -Destati-1:49
8.Fragments Of Sorrow1:16
9.Tension Rising1:34
11.Missing You1:53
12.The 13th Struggle1:44
15.The Afternoon Streets1:36
16.Working Together1:03
17.Friends In My Heart1:01
18.Magical Mystery0:52
19.A Twinkle In The Sky0:57
20.Reviving Hollow Bastion2:08
21.Scherzo Di Notte1:19
22.Laughter And Merriment1:06
23.Desire For All That Is Lost1:26
24.Organization XIII1:22
25.Gearing Up0:58
26.Shipmeisters' Shanty2:00
27.Blast Off!0:39
28.Asteroid Attack1:16
29.Crossing The Finish Line0:41
30.Waltz Of The Damned1:07
31.Dance Of The Darling1:04
33.Dance To The Death1:47
34.Beauty And The Beast Alan Menken0:46
35.The Home Of Dragons1:32
36.Fields Of Honor1:16
38.Vim And Vigor1:28
40.Olympus Coliseum1:39
41.The Underworld1:23
42.What Lies Beneath1:29
43.Villians Of A Sort0:53
44.Rowdy Rumble1:32
45.Mickey Mouse Club March Jimmy Dodd1:15
46.A Walk In Andante0:55
47.Monochrome Dreams1:04
48.Old Friends, Old Rivals0:56
49.Floating In Bliss1:31
50.Winnie The Pooh Richard M. Sherman & Robert B. Sherman1:38
51.Bounce-O-Rama (Speed Up Vers.)1:39
# Rastrear Artista/Compositor Duração
1.Isn't It Lovely?1:42
2.Let's Sing And Dance!0:30
3.Swim This WayJapanese cast of Atlantica World and the Japanese voice actors of Sora, Donald And Goofy2:21
4.Part Of Your WorldJapanese Voice Actress of Arielle Alan Menken1:47
5.Under The SeaJapanese cast of Atlantica World and the Japanese voice actors of Sora, Donald And Goofy Alan Menken2:05
6.Ursula's RevengeJapanese Voice Actress of Ursula2:15
7.A New Day Is DawningJapanese cast of Atlantica World and the Japanese voice actors of Sora, Donald And Goofy2:09
8.Nights Of The Cursed1:56
9.He's A Pirate Klaus Badelt, Geoffrey Zanelli & Hans Zimmer1:29
10.The Corrupted1:21
11.Hazardous Highway1:12
12.A Day In Agrabah1:51
13.Arabian Dream1:35
14.This Is Halloween Danny Elfman1:26
15.Spooks Of Halloween Town1:02
16.Adventures In The Savannah1:49
17.Savannah Pride1:02
18.The Encounter1:49
19.Space Paranoids1:42
20.Byte Bashing1:02
21.Sinister Shadows1:12
22.The 13th Dilemma1:59
23.Showdown At Hollow Bastion0:48
24.One-Winged Angel (from Final Fantasy VII) Nobuo Uematsu2:12
25.Battleship Bravery1:42
26.Sacred Moon2:06
27.Deep Drive1:38
31.A Fight To The Death2:03
32.Darkness Of The Unknown4:36
33.Passion ~After The Battle~Hikaru Utada Hikaru Utada5:59
34.Fantasia Alla Marcia For Piano, Chorus And Orchestra7:45
35.Destiny Islands1:10
36.Hand In Hand0:40
37.Sunset Horizons1:30
38.Dearly Beloved -Reprise-1:28
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