Children of the Stones

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TV Series / TV filme Lançamento do filme: 1977

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# Rastrear   Duração
1.Children of the Stones (Opening Title)1:16
2.Mrs Crabtree Views the Painting0:07
3.Someone Who Is Happy0:11
4.Matthew and Dai0:35
5.Adam Touches the Stones0:27
6.Circle of Fear (I Can't Wait)0:18
7.Nobody Ever Leaves0:12
8.Being Alone0:33
9.Within the Painting0:34
10.Matthew's Accident1:30
11.Serpent in the Circle0:46
12.Tom Browning0:30
13.Looks, It's Jimmo0:17
14.Narrowing Circle1:15
15.Premonition of Dr Lyle0:22
16.Dai Casts the Bones1:55
17.The Barber Surgeon's Amulet1:18
18.Never, It's Mine0:20
19.He's Not There0:36
20.Anger the Fire0:28
21.Such Power0:23
22.It Is Time0:43
23.Squaring the Circle1:16
24.We've Lost Them0:19
25.Go Now and Be Happy0:30
26.I'll Return This at the Same Time0:34
27.We're Trapped0:07
28.The Circle Is Complete0:34
29.The Circle Is Broken1:19
30.Children of the Stones (End Titles)0:31
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