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Vampire in the Garden

Fudjipacific Music 29/06/2022 CD (4582622503399)

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# Track   Lengte
1.Frozen Blood~In the Mud1:11
2.Coming Upon0:57
3.Frozen Blood #12:03
4.Anywhere But Here1:30
6.Frozen Blood #20:17
7.Bird in a Cage1:11
8.Silver Lining~In the Day2:42
9.Battle of Obelisk4:42
10.Get Nowhere1:02
12.Into the Darkness4:57
14.Old Mansion1:07
15.Anywhere But Here~Honky-tonk ver.0:34
16.You Are Free1:14
18.Oratio Nocturna~Slow Record ver.4:48
19.Rustling Leaves1:10
20.Vampire Hunter5:02
21.Stable Opaque Immortal2:18
22.Icy Air1:35
23.Silver Lining~In the Night1:56
24.Scenic Beauty~with Clap1:00
25.At a Shabby Hotel1:24
27.Hurry Up1:40
28.Writhe With Mortal Pangs4:06
29.Peat Boat to Paradise2:40
# Track   Lengte
1.Snow Flurry1:30
2.I'm Relieved0:29
3.Stable Opaque Immortal Lost0:45
4.Dancing Under the Northern Lights1:19
5.The Coming Storm4:49
6.Iron Coffin3:50
7.Frozen Blood~Awakening1:05
8.Killing Blow3:16
9.You Will Be With Me1:30
10.The Last Day6:25
11.Zero Visibility1:33
12.Stable Opaque Immortal Hope3:25
13.Oratio Nocturna1:52
14.Oratio Nocturna Fast Record ver.4:27
15.Scenic Beauty0:45
16.Dancing Under the Northern Lights OST ver.2:32
17.Dancing Under the Northern Lights Voice Cut ver.1:15
18.Oratio Nocturna Fast Record ver.24:31
19.Oratio Nocturna Slow Record ver.24:54
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