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Lobster Cop

Roc Chen Music 27/06/2022 Download
Film Film release: 2018

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# Track   Lengte
1.Opening of Lobster Cop1:59
2.Cut the Crap, Let's Fight!2:00
3.Go out to Mission, To the Wolf Den1:14
4.Can You Give Me A Light0:45
5.He is Your Brother3:14
6.Plan CC Firing Up3:11
7.The Killer0:42
9.Target Found!1:49
10.Storm is Coming3:34
11.Fighting on Toilet0:30
12.I'm a Cop!1:05
13.Final Fights3:24
14.After the Rain1:37
15.Party Night1:15
16.There's Something0:13
17.Do You Like Quarrelling0:26
18.Song Hui Discusses with His Guys0:38
19.First Time in Lobster Restaurant0:42
21.Bargain 20:42
22.Bargain Illusions0:25
23.Li, Your Mom is Getting Married Again0:28
24.You Play My Father, She Plays My Wife and I Play Your Son0:44
25.Cleaning in Lobster Restaurant1:00
27.Song's Arrival0:56
28.Can You Cook Lobster1:57
29.Cooking the Lobster0:46
30.Song's Doubts0:34
31.Never Stop Eating0:26
32.Before Grand Opening0:38
33.Someone Knocks0:36
34.Your Wife is Pretty Today0:39
35.Is Your Wife Dating Today0:34
36.Never Stop Cleaning0:41
37.Go Catch Him0:30
38.Intercept in the Alley1:21
39.Flourishing Business in Lobster Restaurant0:36
40.Passing By1:18
41.Theme of Killer0:24
42.Dream Lover0:50
43.Li's Going In0:45
44.Li Got Caught0:54
45.Weird Ways of Saving Li1:56
46.Machine Gun or Toy Gun1:20
47.Can He be a Real Cop0:37
48.Conspiracy of Plan CC0:38
49.Following and Being Followed0:34
50.Ready to Kill0:23
51.The Parking Lot0:28
52.Falling Down the Staircases0:41
53.Found the Earphone0:11
54.See Through the Trick1:26
55.Remember to Call Me1:36
56.Peeking at the Plan1:33
59.The Ending1:04
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Lobster Cop (2018)

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