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Everyone Else Revisited

Kritzerland 25/06/2022 CD

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# Track   Lengte
1.Follow the Girls The Populaires 
2.Letís Talk About the Weather Arthur Siegel 
3.I Walk with Music-Patti Wyss/Whatíll They Think of Next-Arthur Siegel/Ohh, What You Said-Su-La Haska/Way Back in 1939-A.D. Arthur Siegel and Girls 
4.Early to Bed/Slightly Less Than Wonderful-Nell Carter and Arthur Siegel/Hi-De-Ho-High-Nell Carter/This Is So Nice-Nell Carter and Arthur Siegel 
5.Meet the People-The Populaires/The Same Old South-Arthur Siegel and The Populaires 
6.Yokel Boy-Itís Me Again-Su-La Haska/Letís Make Memories Tonight-Arthur Siegel/I Canít Afford to Dream-The Populaires 
7.Black Diamond Nell Carter 
8.Best Foot Forward-Donít Sell the Night Short-The Populaires/I Know You by Heart-Arthur Siegel and Patti Wyss/ 
9.Whatís New in New York? Arthur Siegel and The Populaires 
10.Letís Go Eat Worms in the Garden Nell Carter 
11.The Five OíClock Girl-Who Did?-Arthur Siegel and Girls-Up in the Clouds-The Populaires 
12.Beggarís Holiday-Wrong Side of the Railroad Tracks-Arthur Siegel/Brown Penny-Nell Carter/Iíve Got Me-Arthur Siegel 
13.Small Wonder-Nobody Told Me-Patti Wyss and Arthur Siegel/No Time-The Populaires 
14.My Love is Waiting-Arthur Siegel 
15.Threeís a Crowd-Practicing Up on You-Arthur Siegel/Out in the Open Air-The Populaires/Forget All Your Books-Arthur Siegel and The Populaires 
16.Sleep Baby, Donít Cry-Nell Carter 
17.Arthur Siegel Songs-Things Are Going Well Today-The Populaires/The Other One-Arthur Siegel/I Want You to Be the First One to Know-June Carroll, Arthur Siegel and The Populaires 
18.Daisy Dorothy Loudon 
19.Iíll Never Go There Anymore Diane Carnevale 
20.Americaís Sweetheart-Mister Dolan is Passing Through-Chorus/My Sweet-Dorothy Loudon and Arthur Siegel/Innocent-Chorus Girls of Yesterday Chorus/Now, I Believe-Dorothy Loudon/In Californ-I-A Chorus 
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