Strawberry Mansion

Milan Records 18/02/2022 Download
Film Film release: 2021

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# Track   Lengte
1.Strawberry Mansion Theme 
2.Ice Cream Lick 
3.Dream Audit 1 
4.Hologram Purgatory 
5.Death to All Bad Boys 
6.Final Dream 
7.Walking to the Credits 
8.The End 
9.The Pink Room 
10.Free at Last 
11.The Island 
12.Letís Go Shopping 
13.To Losing Oneís Mind 
14.So I Became a Caterpillar 
15.Dinner With the Family 
16.From Breakfast to the Frog 
17.Blue Demon Boat 
18.Spider Death 
19.Trespassing Buckets 
20.Freakout on the Beach 
21.Fly Advice 
22.Captain Preble at Sea 
23.Dream Audit 2 (Violin Dream) 
24.Good Morning Bella 
25.Heaven Into Ice Cream 
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