The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Stage Musical

Polydor (0042282796929)
Varèse Sarabande (0030206559729)
Film | Releasejaar: 1985 | Medium: CD, Download

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.There You Are (Chairman & Company)George Rose2:49
2.A Man Could Go Quite Mad (Jasper)Howard McGillin1:55
3.Two Kinsmen (Drood & Jasper)Betty Buckley1:30
4.Moonfall (Rosa)Patti Cohenour2:53
5.Moonfall Quartet (Alice, Beatrice, Rosa Bud, Helena Landless)Judy Kuhn1:46
6.The Wages Of Sin (Princess Puffer)Cleo Laine3:30
7.Ceylon (Helena Landless, Neville Landless, Drood, Jasper)John Herrera2:31
8.Both Sides Of The Coin (Jasper & Chairman)Howard McGillin2:07
9.Perfect Strangers (Drood & Rosa)Betty Buckley2:34
10.No Good Can Come From Bad (Neville, Rosa, Helena, Crisparkle, Jasper, Drood, Cook)Betty Buckley2:27
11.Never The Luck (Bazzard & Company)The Company2:14
12.The Name Of Love & Moonfall (Rosa & Jasper, With Ensemble)Patti Cohenour3:42
13.Settling Up The Score (Datchery & Puffer, With Ensemble)Datchery3:06
14.Off To The Races (Chairman, Durdles, Deputy, With Ensemble)Jerome Dempsey2:53
15.Don't Quit While You're Ahead (Puffer & Company)Cleo Laine3:40
16.The Garden Path To Hell (Puffer)Cleo Laine3:34
17.A Word From Your ChairmanGeorge Rose1:55
18.Out On A Limerick (Rosa Bud)Patti Cohenour1:54
19.Out On A Limerick (Reverend Crisparkle)George N. Martin1:59
20.Out On A Limerick (Bazzard)Joe Grifasi1:54
21.Out On A Limerick (Neville Landless)John Herrera1:59
22.Out On A Limerick (Helena Landless)Jana Schneider1:54
23.Jasper's Confession (Jasper)Howard McGillin3:07
24.Murderer's Confession (Princess Puffer)Cleo Laine2:24
25.Murderer's Confession (Rosa Bud)Patti Cohenour1:51
26.Murderer's Confession (Bazzard)Joe Grifasi1:30
27.Murderer's Confession (Reverend Crisparkle)George N. Martin1:52
28.Murderer's Confession (Neville Landless)John Herrera1:51
29.Murderer's Confession (Helena Landless)Jana Schneider1:49
30.Finale: The Writing On The Wall (Drood & Company)Betty Buckley3:10
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