Supergiant Games 16/09/2020 Download
Game soundtrack Film release: 2020

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# Track   Lengte
1.No Escape2:25
2.The House of Hades4:52
3.Out of Tartarus5:54
4.Wretched Shades2:55
5.Lament of Orpheus3:13
6.The Painful Way6:53
7.From Olympus3:11
8.Through Asphodel8:42
9.Good Riddance (Eurydice Solo) (feat. Ashley Barrett)2:57
10.Final Expense2:33
11.Mouth of Styx7:46
12.Primordial Chaos3:53
13.The Bloodless2:27
14.Scourge of the Furies8:26
15.Hymn to Zagreus2:44
16.Field of Souls8:47
17.River of Flame9:37
18.Death and I0:36
19.Rage of the Myrmidons9:17
20.The Exalted8:22
21.Last Words3:04
22.The King and the Bull7:42
23.Lament of Orpheus (Underworld Mix)3:15
24.Gates of Hell3:37
25.God of the Dead9:01
26.Final Expense (Payback Mix)2:37
27.On the Coast3:20
28.In the Blood (feat. Ashley Barrett)4:10
29.The Unseen Ones (feat. Masahiro Aoki & Daisuke Kurosawa)4:18
30.Good Riddance (feat. Ashley Barrett)2:58
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