From Terror to Resistance – Nazi Camp Pavlos Melas Thessaloniki 1941–1944

Phasma-Music 07/08/2020 CD (660989085735)
Film Film release: 2018

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# Track   Lengte
1.Introduction (Prologue)2:15
2.The Camp1:07
3.Greek Province0:27
4.Memories of Horror1:00
5.Guerrillas’ Song0:51
6.Place of Execution1:41
7.Visiting a Prisoner0:47
8.Death Song1:29
10.Patience and Hope0:36
11.Walter Benjamin (Fugue of Death)2:23
12.Prisoner’s Dream1:24
13.Prisoner’s Plea and a Prison Guard’s Refusal4:21
14.Cart Full of Starvation Victims2:26
15.Execution of Freedom Fighters2:32
16.Prisoner’s Thoughts1:12
17.Song for the Victims1:26
18.Walking in the Cemetery1:17
19.Execution of a Traitor in the Village0:38
20.The Dark World of a Traitor5:42
21.Today’s Young People Talk about Fascism2:51
22.A Fighter’s Love for his Wife6:59
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