The Arrangement

Plaza Mayor Company 03/07/2020 Download
Film Film release: 2020

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# Track   Lengte
1.Why Is He So Happy 
2.I Passed The Test 
3.Hi, I'm Melissa 
4.Play Nice 
5.Did You Get A Call 
6.You Misplaced Evidence 
7.Moving On Already 
8.Nemo's Restaurant 
9.Where's the Picture 
10.That Was Smooth, Cowboy 
11.I Am An Active Detective 
12.Harry Professes 
13.But Tomorrow, Who Knows 
14.He Switched The Guns 
15.I Was So Young 
16.Harry Rescues Melissa 
17.Get In The Car 
18.Your Father Would Be So Proud 
19.It's A Tragedy 
20.Get Your Own Man 
21.End Titles 
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