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Dracula / The Curse of Frankenstein

Tadlow Music 25/10/2019 CD

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.Main Title From The Curse of Frankenstein1:48
2.A Brilliant Intellect / It’s Alive4:31
3.The Gibbet3:39
4.An Offer of Help / Goodnight Professor / The Professor’s Brain4:56
5.The Creature / He’s Gone2:48
6.The Creature and the Blind Man / You Shoot Well / I’ll Give You Life Again2:59
7.Justine’s Fate4:12
8.Get Up / Final Confrontation / The Guillotine9:06
9.Main Title From Dracula1:53
10.Arrival at Castle Dracula4:41
11.Plan Revealed / Plea for Help / Dracula’s Rage5:22
12.The Mausoleum / Harker Stakes the Bride / Empty Casket4:58
13.The Diary / Van Helsing Finds Harker2:06
14.Sleep Well / Dracula Seduces Lucy2:07
15.Lucy’s Second Encounter / Garlic Flowers2:36
16.Aunt Lucy / Lucy Is Released3:29
17.Mina Ensnared / It Was There1:09
18.Allergic Reaction / Mina’s Submission2:55
19.Bloodstained Mina / The Cellar1:00
20.The Final Battle4:34
Composed by Leigh Phillips based on a theme by James Bernard
21.Rhapsody for Lucy (Lucie)Bonus Track4:14
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