Eidolon: Music From Final Fantasy IX

Materia Collective 30/07/2019 Download

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.Sure Assault of the Silver DragonsMatheus Manente and Fredrik Häthén4:28
2.Memoria ChroniclesJordan Chin and Calbert Warner3:49
3.Memories Erased by a StormLen J J Cheung and JohnStacy2:05
4.Sky of AlexandriaThe Game Brass1:41
5.Dance of the Black Mage (Vivi's Theme)Damian Nguyen and Joanne Moo2:17
6.Find the PrincessNathan Gulla and Dorian Mohar featuring Sharon Gulla4:52
7.Rag JestersAustin Hart and Neha Patel2:08
8.Steiner's ThemeAndrew Filipski and James C. Hoffman1:54
9.Vamo' Alla Flamenco: A Song To Impress NoblesJordan Chin and Tiago Rodrigues featuring Darby Cupit2:50
10.Sword of FuryMateria Brasilis and The Game Brass3:38
11.Danger in the ForestPhillip Merriman and Emmanuel Lagumbay featuring Andrew Dunn4:29
12.TerraJordan Chin and Sean LaValle featuring Kristin Naigus and Ian Harshman4:23
13.Run??Jeremy Harris Jones and Tom Miller featuring Joel Everett4:23
14.Battle 1Kristin Naigus and David Peacock Videri String Quartet2:51
15.Over The HillDean Nguyen and Justin Levine4:18
16.Village of Dali, for Jazz BandListen! Patrick Dunnevant and Will Padgett featuring Hey4:48
17.Waltzing Out of the Frying PanFull Combo3:56
18.Quina's ThemeDean Nguyen and Justin Levine4:06
19.Zidane's Theme: Ocarina SeptetSteven Higbee and Jordan Moore2:53
20.Barbershop de ChocoboThe Chocobros2:17
21.This is My ChanceJeff Brenneman and Nautilus T Party3:49
22.Battle At the South GateJoshua Matthews and Jordan Chin2:53
23.Song of MemoriesDean Nguyen and DS3:40
24.Dragon's OathJordi Francis and Earth Kid4:57
25.An Immoral TragedyOtaconnor and Ronin Op F Jordan Chin2:54
26.Battle 2: Triple ConcertoAndrew Dunn and Purpleschala featuring Patti Rudisill4:06
27.Another Rainy Day in BurmeciaJames C. Hoffman and Matthew Harnage Lucas Guimaraes4:05
28.Treno: The City that Never SleepsDarby Cupit & Ian Martyn2:43
29.The Final BattleConSoul featuring Thomas Kresge4:58
30.Gargan RooDaniel Romberger and Ro Panuganti3:39
31.Eternal DuelString Player Gamer and Ronin Op F2:20
32.THE ROSE OF MAY: A Rock OperaSonikBuster and James C. Hoffman3:06
33.Heaven's DistressJeremy Harris Jones and Joel Everett3:47
34.You're Not Alone CowboybLiNd and SonikBuster featuring insaneintherainmusic3:07
35.Black Mages at the Black Mage VillageRobby Duguay and Sean Schafianski3:49
36.Stir FryAustin Green and Stefan Ilie featuring zykO Sam Agnew3:47
37.Iifa, the Ancient Tree of LifeB / I / R / T / H / D / A / Y featuring Ronin Op F2:59
38.Memories Erased by a StormDavid Peacock featuring Purpleschala1:31
39.Court JestersJester Musician and Reyeverie2:12
40.Moogle ThemeThe Game Brass and Lauren the Flute4:18
41.Unrequited Love (Eiko's Letter)One Touch Relief3:08
42.Vamo Alla BarocoCatboss. & Ronin Op F2:10
43.Mount GulugJordan Chin and FirahFabe2:46
44.Hilda Garde IVÁlex Garcigregor and Pokérus Project4:21
45.Mysteries Of The MarshJorito and Earth Kid6:00
46.Hunter's ChanceAlex Moukala featuring Enrico Deiana2:15
47.Let's Get Down and Boogie This BattleLord Bif featuring Ronin Op F3:07
48.March of the SoullessCareless Juja and Madison Strader Brandon Strader3:28
49.Chillin' in Esto GazaNathan Madsen and Ryan Reilly4:59
50.TerraPsamathes featuring Harpsona4:33
51.A Place to Call Home: Pavan and GalliardGregory Orosz and Matheus Manente Sartor Clementinus2:34
52.Find the LightJordi Francis and Alexander Nyman4:46
53.Ballad of Seasons: Eternal HarvestGregory Orosz and Alexander Yu4:37
54.Steiner's DelusionRobin J Lindberg2:40
55.Aboard the Hilda GardeMichael Hoffmann and Ronin Op F4:15
56.Not AloneLife Stream and Thomas Kresge4:16
57.The Darkness of EternityFredrik Häthén and Sean Schafianski4:13
58.Village of Dali, for String OrchestraETHEReal String Orchestra and Thomas Kresge4:55
59.Melodies of LifeTavian St. James and Triforce Quartet Sauraen5:48
60.I Want to Be Your Canary, Scene 1: A Midnight MeetingJeff Swingle and John Robert Matz3:44
61.I Want to Be Your Canary, Scene 2: Blank's BetrayalJeff Swingle and John Robert Matz3:42
62.I Want to Be Your Canary, Scene 3: Marcus's PrayerJeff Swingle featuring John Robert Matz1:57
63.I Want to Be Your Canary, Scene 4: An Unexpected ReunionJeff Swingle and John Robert Matz2:07
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