Always at the Carlyle

RBCP 24/07/2019 CD

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# Track   Lengte
1.Back and Staying 
2.Paul Newman 
3.You Either Get It or You Donít 
4.Billís Theme 
5.Most Stories,Tightest Lips 
6.The Pillowwcase 
7.My Grandfather 
8.The Elevator Guys 
9.Art in the Lobby 
10.Really Unique 
11.I Wish You Hadnít Told It 
12.Melissaís Dream 
13.Alanís Phone 
14.Dwight Talks 
15.The Staff 
16.Be the Man/Dwight Leaves 
17.The Restaurant 
18.Tap the Phones 
19.Most Personal Touch 
20.My Big Confession 
21.Elaine Was a Big Part 
22.Roger Arrives 
23.Rogerís Destiny 
24.6000 Songs 
25.Itís Better up Here feat.Amy Ward 
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