Capitol Records 21/06/2019 CD (0602577852404)
Polydor Records 21/06/2019 Download
Film Film release: 2019

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.Yesterday (From The Film “Yesterday”)Himesh Patel1:32
2.The World Is Universal (Universal Fanfare)Daniel Pemberton0:22
3.Summer SongHimesh Patel1:48
4.Interlude I: A Day In The LifeDaniel Pemberton0:51
5.I Saw Her Standing There (Tracks On The Tracks Sessions)Himesh Patel1:45
6.Something (From The Album “One Man Only”)Himesh Patel2:48
7.Let It Be (From The Album “One Man Only”)Himesh Patel3:58
8.Interlude II: StrawberriesDaniel Pemberton0:41
9.Carry That WeightHimesh Patel1:48
10.Here Comes The Sun (From The Album “One Man Only”)Himesh Patel2:49
11.The Long & Winding Road (Recorded Backstage)Himesh Patel1:38
12.Interlude III: Gorleston BeachDaniel Pemberton0:34
13.Help! (Live At Pier Hotel)Himesh Patel2:38
14.Yesterday (From The Album “One Man Only”)Himesh Patel2:11
15.She Loves You (Tracks On The Tracks Sessions)Himesh Patel1:37
16.A Hard Day’s Night (From The Album “One Man Only”)Himesh Patel2:43
17.SomethingHimesh Patel1:02
18.In My Life (From The Album “One Man Only”)Himesh Patel2:48
19.Interlude IV: Train TracksDaniel Pemberton0:14
20.I Want To Hold Your Hand (Tracks On The Tracks Sessions)Himesh Patel & Lily James1:53
21.Back In The U.S.S.R (Live At Wembley)Himesh Patel2:39
22.All You Need Is Love (Live At Wembley)Himesh Patel3:10
23.Interlude V: Yesterday’s RainDaniel Pemberton1:02
24.The Long & Winding Road (From The Album “One Man Only”)Himesh Patel3:37
25.Hey Jude (From The Album “One Man Only”)Himesh Patel6:08
26.Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (Live At Cleves School)Himesh Patel3:23
27.Interlude VI: Life Goes OnDaniel Pemberton0:39
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