The Curse of La Llorona

WaterTower Music 12/04/2019 Download
WaterTower Music 12/04/2019 CD (0794043199790)
Film Film release: 2019

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# Track   Lengte
1.The Curse of La Llorona1:39
2.protected ones4:04
3.lost protector1:26
4.mirrored passing2:09
5.two by side2:09
6.corner Weeping0:38 window appears0:48
9.folk tale to some1:44 tears wept1:24
11.take yours instead2:45
12.Weeping glimpses2:14
13.Weeping in curtains1:50
14.evening interrupted1:05
15.can't be here2:11
16.she was Crying1:24
17.held from breath2:09
18.fringes of religion2:13
19.a dark spirit2:33
20.presence of evil1:01
21.hold til dawn2:05
22.for comfort0:54
23.Tears they drip2:02
24.screaming Weeping1:11
25.for the taking1:10 be drowned3:03
27.everybody is sometimes2:01
28.barrier crossed1:45
29.throat pulled1:00
30.She's coming1:21
31.curse throws2:19
32.the Weeping woman1:56
33.mark lifted2:04
34.Arrorrķ mi niņo (Closing Arrangement)2:13
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