The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe
Original Television Soundtrack

Strong Place Music 15/03/2019 Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.The Orphanage1:02
2.Norma Jeane Comes Home0:54
3.Mama and the Marriage Proposal1:54
4.Cigarettes and Candy0:22
5.Bashing Down the Door, She Hears Voices1:34
6.Taking the Medicine2:09
7.Alcohol and Pills1:13
8.I Canít Marry You1:21
9.An Overnight Success0:57
10.The Makeup Montage1:10
12.Canít Have Babies?1:06
13.Iíd Like to Go with You0:31
14.You Think They Donít Know?0:42
15.Itís My Fault, All of It Is My Fault1:08
16.Marilynís Letter0:47
17.Thatís for My Baby0:27
18.Reading Arthurís Journal1:28
19.Hotel Room, Smoking in Bed1:37
20.Hospital Bed1:08
21.Good News, the Whitehouse Is Calling0:18
22.Iím Quitting You / Shared Paranoia2:01
23.Dreams of Gladys1:49
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