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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
2.Welcome to Gröna Lund1:31
3.John and Ninnis' Waltz1:07
4.A Spy at Gustaf's Office2:22
5.Ninni's Roller Coaster2:01
6.At the Rooftop1:25
7.Awareness of Love1:20
8.The Dream2:09
9.In Love1:15
10.Gustaf's Story and Ghost Kiss2:45
11.Speaking the Same Language1:00
12.The Flower Bouquet1:25
13.John Can't Wait to See Her0:56
14.Sad Love3:44
15.Saving Them2:00
17.Ninni Leaves3:55
18.Don't Go2:49
19.Love Kiss1:29
20.Grand Finale2:31
21.The KeepNathaniel Mechaly feat. Lily Oakes4:24
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