The Dragon Prince: Season 1

Lakeshore Records 22/02/2019 Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.The Dragon Prince-Main Title0:34
2.Long Ago, in Xadia3:30
5.The Jelly Tart Heist0:40
6.My Heart for Xadia1:53
7.Sheer Courage1:43
8.Not That Simple2:08
9.Last Sunset1:39
10.Smoky Seekers1:33
11.Moonlight Battle2:12
12.Up to Us Now2:38
13.Flash, Woof, Zap, Slash!2:26
14.A Message of Death2:05
15.Valley of Graves1:28
17.Hello, Sister1:20
18.All the Bad Feelings2:39
19.Doubtful Intentions1:20
21.Through the Ice2:24
22.Miracle on the Cursed Caldera3:32
23.It’s a Fun Spell1:22
24.The Other Bad News1:13
25.A Huger, Scarier Monster2:13
26.Worse Than Death2:14
27.Turn Back1:01
28.Do Not Touch Those Webs1:01
29.The Jerk Face Dance0:47
30.Guardian of the Moon Nexus2:50
31.Fading Quickly4:16
33.End Credits-The Power to Change Everything0:43
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