The Sisters Brothers

Lakeshore Records 12/10/2018 Download
Lakeshore Records 04/01/2019 CD (0780163532623)
Film Film release: 2018

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# Track   Lengte
1.Two Killers0:35
2.The Sisters Brothers3:18
4.To Jacksonville3:24
5.Morris’s Tricks2:06
6.Two Brothers, Two Friends2:22
7.To San Francisco3:18
8.The Toothbrush2:48
9.To Mayfield2:40
10.Eli & Tub1:16
11.Gun Fight3:42
12.Myrtle Creek2:48
13.Building The Dam2:15
16.Folsom Lake2:53
17.To Kill a Commodore2:14
18.Dying by the River2:54
19.Two Guns, One Hand2:07
20.At Home with Mum5:08
21.The Sisters Brothers (Extended)7:41
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