Deadpool 2

Mondo Records 12/11/2018 Vinyl - Beperkte oplage
Film Film release: 2018

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# Track   Lengte
Side A
1.X-Men Arrive0:59
2.Fighting Dirty2:03
3.Hello Super Powers0:58
6.Weasel Interrogation1:12
7.Holy Shit Balls1:32
8.Mutant Convoy4:00
9.The Name is Cable1:23
10.Sorry for Your Loss1:01
11.You Can’t Stop this Mother Fucker1:11
# Track   Lengte
Side B
1.Ice Box1:19
3.Make the Whole World our Bitch3:15
4.Pity Dick0:58
5.Knock Knock0:51
6.Let Me In1:43
7.Maximum Effort1:39
8.The Orphanage2:58
9.Cable Flashback1:23
10.Genuine High Grade Lead1:53
11.Courage Mother Fucker1:27
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