The Messenger Disc I: The Past

Magic Hammer Music 30/08/2018 Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.A Messenger Is Needed (Introduction)1:10
2.Ninja's Respite (Ninja Village)1:15
3.Hills of Destiny (Autumn Hills)1:25
4.Detritus Risen (Autumn Hills Boss)0:46
5.Forgotten (Forlorn Temple)2:24
6.Into the Depths (Catacombs)1:59
7.Ruxxtin the Great0:47
8.Bamboo Boogaloo (Bamboo Creek)2:00
9.Harness the Winds (Howling Grotto)1:50
10.Quillshroom's Horrors (Quillshroom Marsh)2:13
11.Turmoil & Treachery0:44
12.Impossible Ascent (Searing Crags)2:11
13.Colos & Suses1:42
14.The Frozen Light (Glacial Peak)2:01
15.The Time Gauntlet (Tower of Time)1:43
16.The Arcane Golem1:36
17.Leap of Faith0:48
18.The Arcane Shoppe2:02
19.A Home Amongst the Clouds (Cloud Ruins)1:59
20.Find a Way (Dark Cave)1:32
21.The Poisoned River (Riviére Turquoise)1:55
22.The Bat Matriarch1:37
23.Beneath the Tides (Sunken Shrine)2:10
24.Fire & Earth (Elemental Skylands)2:04
25.The Demon Army (Underworld)1:33
26.The Corrupted Past1:56
27.To Break the Curse (Music Box)2:02
28.Phantom of Yore (Final Boss)1:54
29.Convocation of the Curse8:28
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