Adventures of Power

Gold Records 09/03/2018 Download
Film Film release: 2008

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# Track   Lengte
1.The Beat of Our Mama's Heart0:35
2.New Jersey Nights3:43
3.Impossible Fantasy3:23
4.No Drums0:59
5.A Little Like You2:18
7.Dream Drum Solo1:29
8.Crib Hip Hop Mashup2:24
11.Bring the Hammer Down / Blanda Y Mojada1:39
12.Hospital Lullaby0:18
13.Tabla Conga Kit Workout2:41
14.No Hands0:31
15.Nahnu Wahad1:46
16.Impossible Love0:12
17.The Kiss2:25
18.The People Want Peas1:39
19.The Call0:17
20.Lovin' Tonite3:32
21.We Can't Beat Them0:40
22.We Got a Job to Do1:01
23.The Docks1:25
24.The Drums of Bakir1:41
25.I Can Feel You0:12
26.The Dance Floor1:45
27.Ecscape, Supposably1:10
29.The Armpit of the Nation0:50
30.Union Local 8321:00
32.Bugle Call / Impossible Rainwalk1:03
33.Who I Really Am0:57
34.A Golden Sound0:43
35.Grunge Masterpiece0:58
36.Cap Medley (Rot In Hell / Sspp / Autumn Leavez)0:56
37.Possible Fantasy0:49
38.New Jersey Nights / Tabla Breakdown1:12
39.Impossible Fantasy Ballad3:03
40.We Are Power1:27
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