The Incredibles

Walt Disney Records 30/03/2018 Vinyl (0050087384722)
Film Film release: 2004

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# Track   Lengte
1.The Glory Days 
2.Mr. Huph Will See You Now 
3.Adventure Calling 
4.Bob vs. The Omnidroid 
5.Lava in the Aternoon 
6.Life's Incredible Again 
7.Off to Work 
8.New and Improved 
9.Kronos Unveiled 
10.Marital Rescue 
11.Missile Lock 
12.Lithe or Death 
13.100 Mile Dash 
14.A Whole Family of Supers 
15.Escaping Nomanisan 
16.Road Trip! 
17.Saving Metroville 
18.The New Babysitter 
19.The Incredits 
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