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The Little Witch
Die kleine Hexe

Claussen+Putz Filmproduktion 09/02/2018 Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.The Wonderful World of the Little Witch4:55
2.A Little Hoax1:19
3.Four Seasons2:28
4.Little Adventuress4:26
5.The Great Walpurgis Dance2:47
6.The Big Witches5:14
7.A Long and Tiresome Way Home2:15
8.Crazy Broom Flight2:23
9.The Great Friendship2:29
10.Stormy Wind1:43
11.Curious Rumpumpel2:39
12.The Little Sorceress2:51
13.The Witch Exam2:19
14.A Sorrow of the Heart1:44
15.A Marvelous Spell3:03
16.Flying Books2:01
17.The Metamorphosis of Rumpumpel2:13
18.The Little Witch: Main Theme (Solo Piano)2:15
19.Stove Pipe Concert: No Bad Witches Can Be Found2:15
20.Little Miss Reflective (Bonus Track)2:16
21.The Sad Boy (Bonus Track)2:35
22.A Crucial Decision (Bonus Track)2:42
23.Fragrant Flowers (Bonus Track)2:53
24.The Little Pipe Organ (Bonus Track)1:37
25.The Bewitched Bowling Ball (Bonus Track)1:30
26.Little Miss Chaos (Bonus Track)1:59
27.The Enchanted Kitchen (Bonus Track)1:33
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