Lady and the Tramp
Picture Disc

Walt Disney Records 09/03/2018 Vinyl (0050087384692)
Film Film release: 1955

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# Track   Lengte
Side A
1.Main Title (Bella Notte) / The Wog of a Dog’s Tale 
2.Peace On Earth 
3.Sunday / The Rat / Morning Paper 
4.A New Collar/ Jock & Trusty/ It’s Jim Dear 
5.What A Day! / Breakfast At Tony’s 
6.Warning / Breakout / Snob Hill / A Wee Bairn 
7.Countdown To B-Day 
8.Baby’s First Morning / What Is A Baby / La La Lu 
9.The Siamese Cat / Whats Going On Down There 
# Track   Lengte
Side B
1.The Muzzle / Wrong Side Of The Tracks 
2.13 You Poor Kid / He’s Not My Dog 
3.Footloose & Collar-Free / Bella Notte 
4.Home Sweet Home 
5.What A Dog / He’s A Tramp 
6.In The Doghouse / The Rat Returns / Falsely Accused / We’ve Got To Stop That Wagon / Trusty’s Sacrifice 
7.Watch The Birdie / Visitors 
8.Finale (Peace On Earth) 
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