Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Film | Releasedatum: 28/02/2012 | Film release: 1973 | Medium: CD
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# Track   Lengte
2.March Of The Degenerated Knights4:20
3.Let The Game Begin3:46
4.Gawain's Galop3:57
5.Green Light Flashes4:09
6.The Chalice3:58
7.The Black Knight5:31
8.The Ring2:16
9.Sweet Mother Of God, What Have I Done1:44
10.The Crossbow4:33
11.The Cave3:46
12.Linet Awakens3:39
# Track   Lengte
1.Oswald And Seneschal2:15
2.Staff Fight4:39
4.The Battlement6:49
5.Tower On Fire4:17
6.Bertilak's Castle2:18
7.The Altar1:09
8.This Make Good Seeing3:21
9.The Battle8:17
10.Deal Me My Destiny4:22
11.Live On, Sir Gawain1:09
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World premiere 2-CD release of thrilling Ron Goodwin score for colorful Stephen Weeks film about unusually mystical episode of King Arthur and Knights of Round table legend, with Nigel Green as The Green Knight challenging all to best him and Murray Head as Gawain, rising to the task. Numerous battles across the realm inspire Goodwin to compose colorful adventure score brimming with bold, rhythmic energy, sweeping melody. Film offers many duels with lance, axe and sword, Goodwin responds with extended brass fanfares over thundering rhythms that propel combatants onscreen. Offering contrast is gorgeous minor-mode love theme. Also getting spotlight throughout is imposing four-note motif for low brass that heralds many appearances of Green Knight. Adding yet another layer of musical color is mystical, impressionistic material for strings, harps, vibraphone that highlight fantasy elements of tale. Goodwin actually scored numerous sequences twice for post-production changes in film, sometimes beginning cues in identical manner but then going in vastly different directions. Intrada presents entire score recorded by composer at Anvil Studios in England, mastered from beautiful 1/4' two-track stereo masters vaulted by Goodwin estate, licensed courtesy MGM. 2-CD set includes every original cue as well as each re-scored sequence, delivering a dynamic musical journey through the ages! Handsome package design by Joe Sikoryak, informative notes by John Takis. Ron Goodwin conducts.

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