The Foreigner

Music on Vinyl 15/12/2017 Vinyl
Music on Vinyl 08/12/2017 Vinyl - Beperkte oplage (8719262005556)
Film Film release: 2017

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# Track   Lengte
Side A
1.Landscape gardener 
2.Spit it out 
3.Wired to blow 
4.He jumped off the roof 
5.I wouldn't count on it 
6.Daughter's room 
7.Another bombing 
8.That's where I'd be 
9.Your mole is hugh mcgraw 
# Track   Lengte
Side B
1.Three second wonder 
2.Put your bag on the table 
3.She used you 
4.X-rays down 
5.Clean up your mess 
6.Observe and report 
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