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# Track   Lengte
1.Harlots: Opening Titles1:23
2.Sexual Vocation1:24
4.Walk Like a Parrot1:12
5.The Vilest Sin3:16
6.Coitus Interruptus0:23
7.Emily Clucks Off0:35
8.Sealed Bids0:54
9.Wealth Will Make You Free2:54
10.The City Is Made of Our Flesh1:35
11.Following the Drum: Episode 1 End Credits0:37
12.Previously on Harlots0:32
13.Life of Depravity1:06
14.This Is My Home1:15
15.Mary's Funeral0:42
16.Stand Off: Episode 2 End Credits1:43
17.Handsome Lucy0:47
18.Our Little Doll1:43
19.Hunt for a Little Beast2:28
20.Torment Waiting1:16
21.Lie Still0:48
22.Mr Osborne0:55
23.Never to Return1:00
24.Missing an Organ0:59
25.Lascivious Display1:00
26.Lucy out of Place1:02
27.15 Years1:01
28.Master of Music: Episode 4 End Credits0:42
29.Funky Goat1:14
30.Lydia Lashes Out0:56
31.Duchess of Quim1:07
32.Bad Form1:19
33.Final Escape: Episode 5 End Credits1:13
34.We Want Cunny1:46
35.My Loyalty to You1:07
36.For Her Children1:17
37.Balm for Sore Spirits1:06
38.A Fine Night2:07
40.Cast Downstream2:34
41.Fopdoodle: Episode 6 End Credits0:33
42.Body on the Bank1:02
43.Death March0:22
44.Cock Warts0:40
45.Love's Not a Sin1:39
46.Broken Water0:57
47.Contractions: Episode 7 End Credits1:12
48.She's a Beauty0:32
50.Double Quigley0:41
51.The City Is Still Made of Our Flesh1:13
52.Crawl Your Way Up: Episode 8 End Credits0:40
53.Marie-Louise's Lullaby0:41
54.Harlots: Opening Titles (30 Second Version)0:37
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