I Love Dick: Season 1

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# Track   Lengte
1.Breaking Into Dick's (Caper Theme)1:14
2.Bored In the Hotel1:03
3.Devon and Toby Love1:24
4.Day Drinking0:56
5.Taco Time (Sylvere Locks Chris Out)1:11
6.Devon’s Idea2:10
7.Clam Soup1:08
8.The Rules1:34
9.Devon Finds The Letters1:04
10.Dick Fantasy1:01
11.Getting Arrested0:58
12.Dear Dick2:03
13.Michael J Fox0:48
14.College Sex1:01
15.Reading The Letters1:11
16.Dick Wants To Leave1:13
17.Dick Confronts Chris1:18
18.Sylvere’s Letter1:32
19.Beauty Dance3:00
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