A Boy Named Charlie Brown

Kritzerland 07/04/2017 CD - 1000 exemplaren
Film Film release: 1969

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# Track   Lengte
1.Champion Charlie Brown (Logo)*/Cloud Dreams 
2.Champion Charlie Brown (Main Title)*/A Boy Named Charlie Brown (Vocal: Rod McKuen)* 
3.Kite Music (Lucifers Lady)**/Charlie Brown and His All-Stars** 
4.Percussion Swinger**/Baseball Theme** 
5.Baseball Theme (Charlie Brown Pitches)** 
6.Baseball Theme (Three Strikes and Youre Out)**/A Boy Named Charlie Brown (We Lost Again)*/Air Music (Snoopy Theme)**/ The Red Baron Strikes Again 
7.Blue Charlie Brown** 
8.Linus and Lucy (Time to Go to School)**/Champion Charlie Brown (I Only Dread One Day at a Time)* 
9.Failure Face (Lucy, Violet, Patty)*/Catatonic Blues 
10.I Before E (Charlie Brown, Linus) 
11.Champion Charlie Brown (The Gang)* 
12.Oh, Good Grief**/Champion Charlie Brown (Bus Station)*/A Boy Named Charlie Brown* 
13.Linus and Lucy (Ive Got to Get My Blanket Back)** 
14.Bus Wheel Blues 
15.A Boy Named Charlie Brown (I Before Milk)*/Champion Charlie Brown* 
16.Linus and Lucy (Big City)** 
17.Skating**/Blue Puck/Skating** (Snoopy on Ice) 
18.Linus and Lucy (Found Blanket)**/Champion Charlie Brown (Spelling Bee)* 
19.A Boy Named Charlie Brown*/Bus Wheel Blues 
20.A Boy Named Charlie Brown (Im Never Going to School Again)* 
21.Charlie Brown and His All-Stars** 
22.A Boy Named Charlie Brown (Vocal: Rod McKuen)* 
23.Champion Charlie Brown (Logo) (alternate)* 
24.The Star-Spangled Banner (arr. Trotter) 
25.Air Music (Snoopy Theme)**/The Red Baron Strikes Again (alternate) 
26.Sonata in C Minor, Op. 13 (3rd movement) (Ludwig van Beethoven) 
27.Bus Wheel Blues (alternate) 
28.Champion Charlie Brown (Transition)* 
29.Skating**/Blue Puck/Skating** (Snoopy on Ice alternate) 
30.Linus and Lucy (Found Blanket) (alternate)** 
31.Champion Charlie Brown (unused jazz combo)* 
32.Dialogue (Linus, Charlie Brown) (Linus: Glenn Gilger, Charlie Brown: Peter Robbins) 
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