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Hard Tide

Noodles Recordings 01/07/2016 Download
Film Film release: 2015

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.Hard Tide3:00
2.Wayfaring StrangerSi Begg featuring Nathanael Wiseman and Maiken4:10
3.People Like Us3:20
4.The Seafront3:08
5.They'll Put You in Care2:00
7.Going Home2:28
8.Our Secret3:28
9.Who Used To Tell You Stories?2:06
10.Wedding Or Funeral2:30
11.Are You a Drug Dealer?3:52
12.The Florist3:28
13.Don't Swallow2:42
14.My Little Flower2:12
15.Where Are You Going?4:40
16.It's Too Late For That Now2:58
17.Not Without You3:26
18.Wayfaring Stranger (Single Edit)Si Begg and Nathanael Wiseman featuring Maiken4:00
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