Boeing Boeing

RCA Victor 07/10/2016 Download
RCA Records US Vinyl
Film Film release: 1965

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# Track   Lengte
Side 1
1.Main Title ('Frenchie' Theme From Boeing Boeing)2:38
2.Vikki (We Are Engaged, Aren't We?)3:13
3.Champagne Promises (Boys Will Be Boys)2:07
4.Blues For Bertha (I'm Not Very Strong)2:37
5.English Breakfast (Good For The Complexion)2:15
6.Senor Boeing (21,000 Pounds Of Thrust)1:42
# Track   Lengte
Side 2
1.Frenchie (Main Theme From 'Boeing Boeing')2:07
2.Champagne Promises (Embracing With The Moon)3:06
3.Bavarian Pipe Dream (Happy Titfallgit-Lugnandeplatz)1:54
4.Fraulein D' Cup (The Story That Had To Be Told)1:25
5.More Blues For Bertha (I'll Never Survive This)2:28
6.Girl Chasin' (Rushing Roulette2:38
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