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The Scorpion King
Selected Score Excerpts From The Motion Picture

Film | Releasejaar: 2002 | Medium: CD

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# Track   Lengte
1.Main Titles1:42
2.Valley Of The Dead2:13
3.The Cave3:39
4.I Had A Vision2:37
5.Pick Pockets2:44
6.Baltahzar's Camp5:10
8.Ant Attack2:27
9.Memnon's Plan/Cassandra's Story3:07
11.The Sorceress1:14
12.Sneak Attack1:58
13.The Battle Begins3:51
14.I've Come For The Woman3:26
15.Balthazar Strikes Back3:09
16.Final Victory3:43
17.The Scorpion King3:30
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