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And the Band Played On

Colosseum (4005939544928)
Varèse Sarabande (0030206544923)
Film | Releasejaar: 1993 | Film release: 1993 | Medium: CD, Download

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# Track   Lengte
2.Burning Bodies1:34
3.Dead Doctors0:50
4.The Party's Over1:06
6.Three Sixes2:01
7.They're Scared0:51
8.The French Fail1:00
9.His Other Life1:41
10.One Of Your Donors3:02
11.The French Succeed3:30
12.How Long To Sink In2:00
13.Tell That To Gallo1:30
14.Gallo Press Conference1:45
16.Krause Collapses1:41
17.Blood Meeting1:12
18.He's Gone Too Far2:08
20.Sexual Transmission0:37
21.Paris Meeting0:55
22.And The Band Played On4:34
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