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Notting Hill / Arachnophobia

Film | Releasejaar: 2000 | Medium: CD

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# Track   Lengte
Notting Hill
2.Anna's Theme1:53
4.Bus To The Ritz0:47
5.Hotel Piano Player1:57
7.Walk Home0:56
8.The Garden1:59
9.Source Music3:19
10.Anna's Invitation1:18
12.Will's Reflection1:28
13.The Seduction2:14
14.At The Set Of A Henry James Film2:15
16.Car Chase To Press Conference2:52
17.End Credits Reprise4:09
18.Main Title5:38
19.Photius Manlii2:24
20.Bob Hitches A Ride4:19
21.The Casket Arrives1:54
22.Molly's Web3:29
23.Spider Lamp Shade1:55
24.Delbert's Theme2:33
25.Under The Bleachers2:06
26.Along Came A Spider2:26
27.Bugs "B" Gone3:05
28.Canaima Nightmare3:46
29.Life In The Country0:57
30.The Cellar1:17
31.End Credits3:54
32.End Credits (alternate version)4:50
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