Oliver Twist

Chandos (0095115112625)
Film | Releasejaar: 1948 | Medium: CD

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# Track   Lengte
2.The Storm3:20
3.Oliver's birth2:48
4.Picking oakum2:21
5.Oliver asks for More1:22
6.Mr Bumble's March0:31
7.Oliver sent to bed among the coffins2:11
8.Oliver as funeral mute2:34
9.Death of Mrs Thingummy2:03
10.The Fight1:25
11.Oliver's sleepless night2:28
12.Oliver's flight to London0:31
13.Oliver meets the Artful Dodger1:58
14.Fagin's Romp2:05
15.Oliver's pick pocketing lesson0:41
16.Pick pocketing0:57
17.The Chase1:59
18.Oliver faints in court0:46
19.Comic panic0:55
20.Oliver at Mr Brownlow's House6:04
21.Oliver at Play1:24
22.The Portrait1:03
23.Oliver's abduction1:09
24.Mr Brownlow's Grief1:46
25.Nancy's hysterical outburst1:23
26.Nancy's flight in the rain to meet Mr Brownlow3:17
27.Dawn after the Murder - Bill Sikes' reverie3:25
28.Wanted for Murder1:25
29.Finale (original)3:09
30.Finale (alternative)3:23
Malta, GC
31.Gay March1:24
32.Quiet Interlude1:46
33.Work and Play3:52
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