Silver Streak

Film | Releasejaar: 2002 | Film release: 1976 | Medium: CD
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# Track   Lengte
1.Main Title3:17
2.Something for Jill3:54
3.Hilly's Theme5:13
4.Bye Bye Professor/Lie Down George3:09
5.This is Terrific1:58
6.The Fun of Flying1:53
7.Club Car Rock0:24
8.Sneaky George1:16
9.Senic Route3:24
10.I'll Try1:03
11.Gold Teeth0:51
12.Son of This is Terrific1:11
13.Redneck Blues1:09
14.Pure Pussy1:20
15.On to Kansas (Hilly's Theme)2:11
16.Men's Room Rock3:37
17.Shoe Shine1:33
18.The Swirl Effect1:54
19.Runaway Train5:57
20.End Title2:25
21.Hilly's Theme/Bye Bye Professor/Lie Down George7:40
22.This is Terrific1:59
23.Scenic Route2:52
24.I'll Try1:04
25.Gold Teeth0:51
26.Son of This is Terrific1:12
27.Pure Pussy1:20
28.On to Kansas (Hilly's Theme)2:11
29.Men's Room Rock2:42
30.The Swirl Effect1:54
31.Runaway Train5:59
32.Hilly's Theme1:40
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Popular comedy thriller from 20th Century Fox starring Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor features dramatic, tuneful Henry Mancini score. Rhythmic main theme, exciting climactic 'runaway train' music are highlights. Also boasts a typically gorgeous Mancini love theme. Limited edition release prepared from original session elements with the cooperation of 20th Century Fox, the Henry Mancini estate and the American Federation of Musicians. Features the complete score in mono (47:43) plus all surviving stereo cues (31:28).

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