Destination Moon: Classic 50's Science Fiction Film Scores

Film | Releasedatum: 10/12/2012 | Medium: Download

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.Revenge of the Creature: Main Title Herman Stein1:37
2.The Creature Walks Among Us: Stalking the Creature Henry Mancini2:01
3.Creature From the Black Lagoon: The Monster Attacks Hans J.Salter2:07
4.Tarantula: Main Title Henry Mancini1:59
5.The Mole People: Treacherous Trek Hans J. Salter3:19
6.The Incredible Shrinking Man: Main Theme Fred Carling & Ed Lawrence3:00
7.The Deadly Mantis: Winged Death William Lava3:01
8.This Island Earth: Main Title/shooting Stars Herman Stein4:02
9.It Came From Outer Space: Visitors From Space Herman Stein1:48
Destination Moon
10.Earth Leith Stevens3:00
11.In Outer Space Leith Stevens19:29
12.On the Surface of the Moon Leith Stevens4:16
13.Escape from the Moon Leith Stevens3:03
14.Finale Leith Stevens13:00
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