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Tout Braveheart

Londen Records France (0028946099827)
Film | Releasedatum: 10/11/1998 | Film release: 1995 | Medium: CD

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# Track   Lengte
1.Main Title2:51
2.A Gift Of A Thistle1:37
3.Wallace Courts Murron4:25
4.The Secret Wedding6:33
5.Attack On Murron3:00
7.Murron's Burial2:13
8.Making Plans / Gathering The Clans2:05
9.Sons Of Scotland6:19
10.The Battle Of Stirling6:07
11.For The Love Of A Princess4:07
13.Betrayal And Desolation7:48
14.Mornay's Dream1:18
15.The Legend Spreads1:09
16.The Princess Pleads For Wallace's Life3:38
17.Freedom / The Execution / Bannockburn7:24
18.End Credits7:12
# Track   Lengte
1.Prologue / I Shall Tell You Of William Wallace3:34
2.Outlawed Tunes On Outlawed Pipes2:03
3.The Royal Wedding2:12
4.The Trouble With Scotland0:40
5.Scottish Wedding Music1:14
6.Prima Noctes1:46
7.The Proposal6:31
8.Scotland Is Free0:17
9.Up In The Morning Early Point Of War Johnny Cope2:59
10.Coversing With The Almighty1:20
11.The Old Rustic Bridge By The Mill The Road To The Isles / Glendaruel Highlanders3:52
12.Sons Of Scotland12:09
13.Vision Of Murron1:45
14.Unite The Clans0:23
15.The Legend Spreads1:07
16.Why Do You Help Me0:37
17.For The Love Of A Princess4:05
18.Not Every Man Really Lives4:10
19.The Prisoner Wishes To Say A Word3:42
20.After The Beheading1:48
21.You Have Bled With Wallace1:22
22.Warrior Poets0:28
23.Scotland The Brave / The Badge Of Scotland2:47
24.Jock Wilson's Ball Leaving Glen Urquhart / The Highland Plaid3:32
25.The Braemar Highland Gathering Kirkhill / The Argyllshire Gathering4:24
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