The Music of ITC Vol. 1

TV-serie/TV film | Releasedatum: 06/12/2010 | Medium: Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.Danger Man (half Hour) Main Titles0:23
2.Danger Man (half Hour) Incidental Cue 10:56
3.Danger Man (half Hour) Incidental Cue 22:21
4.Danger Man (half Hour) Incidental Cue 32:08
5.Danger Man (half Hour) Incidental Cue 41:46
6.Danger Man (half Hour) Closing Titles0:49
7.Danger Man (one Hour) Teaser Titles0:12
8.Danger Man (one Hour) Incidental Cue 12:28
9.Danger Man (one Hour) Main Titles1:00
10.Danger Man (one Hour) Incidental Cue 22:17
11.Danger Man (one Hour) Incidental Cue 31:11
12.Danger Man (one Hour) Incidental Cue 41:00
13.Danger Man (one Hour) Closing Titles0:56
14.Gideon's Way Main Titles0:38
15.Gideon's Way Closing Titles0:57
16.The Baron Main Titles0:50
17.The Baron Incidental Cue 10:21
18.The Baron Incidental Cue 20:48
19.The Baron Incidental Cue 31:00
20.The Baron Incidental Cue 40:30
21.The Baron Incidental Cue 50:57
22.The Baron Closing Titles0:57
23.The Saint (monochrome) Main Titles0:23
24.The Saint (colour) Incidental Cue 11:13
25.The Saint (monochrome) Closing Titles0:56
26.The Saint (colour) Incidental Cue 21:30
27.The Saint (colour) Main Titles0:51
28.The Saint (colour) Incidental Cue 31:40
29.The Saint Opening Titles (from Legacy of the Saint Onwards)0:38
30.The Saint - I'm Out to Get You (from Portrait of Brenda)2:14
31.The Saint Closing Titles (from Legacy of the Saint Onwards)1:02
32.Man In a Suitcase Main Titles0:31
33.Man In a Suitcase Incidental Cue 12:30
34.Man In a Suitcase Incidental Cue 22:58
35.Man In a Suitcase Incidental Cue 31:30
36.Man In a Suitcase Incidental Cue 41:00
37.Man In a Suitcase Closing Titles1:12
38.The Prisoner Main Titles A1:48
39.The Prisoner Main Titles B1:18
40.The Prisoner Incidental Cue 12:29
41.The Prisoner Incidental Cue 21:01
42.The Prisoner Incidental Cue 31:41
43.The Prisoner Incidental Cue 42:09
44.The Prisoner Closing Titles1:12
45.The Champions Main Titles0:44
46.The Champions Incidental Cue 10:52
47.The Champions Incidental Cue 21:36
48.The Champions Incidental Cue 31:35
49.The Champions Incidental Cue 40:37
50.The Champions Incidental Cue 51:04
51.The Champions Incidental Cue 61:09
52.The Champions Incidental Cue 72:23
53.The Champions Closing Titles1:03
54.Department S Main Titles1:09
55.Department S Incidental Cue 10:49
56.Department S Incidental Cue 20:56
57.Department S Incidental Cue 31:44
58.Department S Incidental Cue 41:39
59.Department S Incidental Cue 51:21
60.Department S Incidental Cue 61:02
61.Department S Incidental Cue 72:38
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