Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

Lakeshore Records 17/11/2023 Download
TV-serie/TV film Film release: 2023

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# Track   Lengte
1.I Feel Fine, Pt. 1 (Sex Bob-Omb)0:56
2.Orange Shirt (Sex Bob-Omb)0:42
3.I Will Remember You (Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton)2:02
4.Sometimes Bad Guys Turn Into Great Guys (Scott Pilgrim)0:32
5.Konya Wa Hurricane (Pop'n TwinBee)0:49
6.Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Overture (Original Scott Pilgrim Off-Broadway Orchestra)0:31
7.Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Musical (Original Scott Pilgrim Off-Broadway Cast)1:38
8.I Feel Fine, Pt. 2 (Sex Bob-Omb)0:38
10.Waiting for the DVD0:24
11.Meeting Ramona1:01
13.Ramona's Apartment1:32
14.Gonna Kill Him1:20
15.Fond Memories1:39
16.Detective Flowers1:03
17.Investigation Continues0:32
18.Knives & Kim1:11
19.Matthew Patel0:43
20.Messing with a CEO5:26
21.They Dated1:05
22.Roxie & Ramona Fight3:15
23.And They Were Roommates1:24
24.Blame It On the Goose1:23
27.Lucas Memories0:58
28.Well Well Wells1:25
29.Character Assassination1:30
30.Goose's Origin1:02
31.Bad Guys0:40
32.The How1:50
33.The When1:18
35.Virtual Boy Suite1:42
36.Yet Another Winter Again1:16
37.Future Psych0:25
39.Evil Exes Arrival1:35
40.Big Bad2:53
41.Backup Plan0:52
42.He's You0:50
43.Shoelaces (Trailer Version)0:53
44.Sonic 31:36
45.God Only Knows2:56
46.Neil Console (Bonus Track)0:55
47.Young Neil Gaming (Bonus Track)1:08
48.Walk Home (Bonus Track)0:14
49.Fight (Bonus Track)1:02
50.Limo Music (Bonus Track)1:07
51.Very Soft Evil Dark (Bonus Track)3:42
52.Writer's Block (Bonus Track)0:43
53.In My Kart (Bonus Track)0:47
54.Detective Flowers 2 (Bonus Track)0:39
55.Todd Mystery (Bonus Track)0:49
56.I'm Ramona Flowers (Bonus Track)1:03
57.Sparks (Bonus Track)0:40
58.Todd Flashback (Bonus Track)0:27
59.The Actor (Bonus Track)0:20
60.Envy and Todd Passion Takes (Bonus Track)0:59
61.It's the Twins (Bonus Track)0:49
62.Bad Husband (Bonus Track)0:46
63.We Did It (Bonus Track)0:21
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