Lies of P

???? 16/11/2023 Download
Game soundtrack Film release: 2023

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# Track   Lengte
2.Divine Service3:09
7.Misty Er'A3:40
8.Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 12:49
9.Far East Princess3:29
10.Memory of Beach3:53
11.Shadow Flower3:38
12.Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 12:49
14.Shadow Flower3:15
15.Memory of Beach3:14
17.Main Menu1:48
18.Dreadful March2:21
19.Opening Credits1:58
20.Hotel Krat2:58
21.Pianist of Krat I0:11
22.Mad Donkey2:04
23.Judgement of Mourning2:24
24.Trinity Sanctum1:11
25.Let There Be Flame2:50
26.St. Frangelico Cathedral1:13
27.Fallen Archbishop Andreus0:27
28.Fallen Archbishop Andreus0:27
29.Wing of Hypocrisy2:23
30.A World with No Lies1:18
31.Far East Princess (Red Lobster Inn)2:56
32.Rabbits on the Hunt2:57
33.Black Rabbit Brotherhood (Battle End)0:46
34.Pianist of Krat II0:17
36.Rosa Isabelle Street2:00
37.Estella Opera House1:19
38.Fascination (Adelina Version)0:51
39.King of Puppets (Battle Intro)1:35
40.Stage of Grief2:11
41.King of Puppets (Phase Change)0:38
42.Shattered Memories2:25
43.Charity Market0:46
44.Lorenzini Arcade Garden0:24
45.Hall of Fame2:57
46.Saintess of Mercy Statue2:54
47.Green Monster of the Swamp (Phase Change)0:52
48.Green and Greed2:27
49.Walker of Illusions0:32
50.Attacked Hotel Krat2:24
51.Pianist of Krat III0:36
52.Black Rabbit Brotherhood Revenge (Battle Intro)0:28
53.Prey for Revenge3:10
54.Arche Abbey3:17
55.Laxasia the Complete (Battle Intro)0:26
56.Apostles of Evolution (Phase 1)3:00
57.Laxasia the Complete (Phase Change)0:43
58.Apostles of Evolution (Phase 2)2:54
59.Laxasia the Complete (Battle End)0:39
60.Arche Abbey Upper Part3:12
61.Simon Manus, Arm of God (Battle Intro)1:41
62.Simon Manus, Awakened God (Phase Change)2:06
63.Arm of God3:23
64.Nameless Chaos3:22
65.Real Boy0:27
66.Free from the Puppet String0:50
67.Rise of P0:32
68.New Eve0:51
69.Pianist of Krat IV1:05
70.Memory of Beach (Piano Version)3:18
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