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The Queen's Gambit

Maisie Music Publishing 23/10/2020 ダウンロード




# トラック   期間
1.Main Title1:49
2.Beth's Story2:07
3.Methuen Home For Children 19571:14
4.The Scholar's Mate1:18
5.You're Gloating1:06
6.Training With Mr. Schaibel3:04
7.Am I Good Enough Now?1:18
8.Playing Mr. Ganz1:36
9.Ceiling Games2:17
10.First Day At School1:12
11.The Green Pills1:30
12.Kentucky State Championship 19631:12
13.Top Boards1:01
14.Playing Townes3:45
15.Playing Beltik3:10
16.The Lake-Cincinnati1:48
17.Playing Benny-Las Vegas 19664:28
18.Two Sides Of The Same Coin2:47
19.Mexico City Invitational 19662:21
20.Playing Girev I2:01
21.Playing Girev II2:23
22.Borgov I3:37
23.Beth Alone2:02
24.Ohio US Championship 19671:40
25.New York1:09
26.Training With Benny2:15
27.Paris Tournament 19672:26
28.Borgov II2:27
30.Returning To Methuen1:10
31.Turning Point2:05
33.Moscow Invitational 19687:27
34.Close Your Eyes2:31
35.Borgov III3:09
36.The Final Game7:23
37.Take It, It's Yours2:07
38.Sygrayem (Let's Play)2:11
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