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Walt Disney Records 17/06/2022 Digital Download
Film Rilascio pellicola: 2022

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# Traccia   Durata
1.Mission Log2:23
2.Initial Greetings3:27
4.The Best Laid Flight Plans of Space and Men1:15
5.Blown on Course1:37
6.A Hyper Failure0:55
7.Lightyear’s Behind1:45
8.Mission Perpetual2:41
9.The Lone Space Ranger2:24
10.Afternoon Delight Speed4:43
11.Light Speed at the End of the Tunnel0:34
12.Relative Success0:41
13.Zurg Awakens1:53
14.Operation Surprise Party0:44
15.A Good Day to Not Die2:38
16.Zurg’s Displeasure0:30
17.Space Afraiders3:57
19.Oh, Hover2:57
20.Mistake It All In1:33
21.Buzz, Meet Zurg1:33
22.To Infinity and Be Gone4:13
23.Hawthorn in Her Side0:59
24.World’s Worst Self-Destruct Sequence1:39
25.Time to Space Your Fears4:01
26.Hiding from Yourself1:21
28.Back to Buzzness3:10
29.Home on Space Range2:59
30.Infinite MOEtion2:06
31.One Suite Buzz12:19
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