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Occupation: Rainfall

Kaleido Sound 11/06/2021 Digital Download
Film Rilascio pellicola: 2020

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# Traccia   Durata
1.The Worst Is Yet To Come2:10
2.Taking Fire2:13
3.You’re Our Last Chance2:42
6.Gearing Up2:46
7.Hail Of Fire4:07
9.Sydney Destroyed1:21
10.In The Outback2:31
11.Hit Them With The Crossfire2:16
12.Alien Pursuit3:25
13.Red Sky3:01
14.Apex Predator4:18
15.The Village1:53
16.Restricted Area4:32
17.The Mob3:15
18.The Command Ships2:37
19.They Are Here3:02
20.An Evolutionary Accident4:19
21.Project Rainfall2:09
23.Avoiding Disaster2:50
24.Guns And Blades2:05
25.Kal’i Attack1:35
26.The Standoff1:38
27.Wing Commander Heyes2:56
28.Behind Closed Doors2:11
29.The Ascend2:24
30.For Humanity2:27
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