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Bring me the Head of Alfredo García

Quartet Records (8436035004157)
Film | Data di rilascio: 11/04/2012 | Rilascio di pellicole: 1974 | Formato: CD
Edizione limitata: 1000 copie

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# Traccia   Durata
1.Bring it to Me1:34
2.Gathering Information2:11
3.Marriage Plans1:59
4.Prelude to a Rape2:12
5.Bennie’s Revenge0:57
6.Killer’s Rhapsody3:31
7.Hotel Room2:10
8.Requiem for Alfredo2:01
9.On the Road2:36
10.Night Dig3:34
11.Goodbye Elita1:37
12.Getting a Head2:07
13.Road Kill1:18
15.Bennie’s Remorse2:33
16.El Jefe3:25
17.Bennie and Alfredo1:11
18.End Titles2:17
Bonus Tracks
19.Puerto Rico2:49
21.Elita’s Dream2:25
22.Bring it to Me (Part 2; alternate)0:54
23.Requiem for Alfredo (alternate)1:58
24.The “Hacienda” Suite12:33
25.Ranchero Duet1:49
26.Jerry and Camille3:12
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It’s back! One of the most distinguished collaborations between Sam Peckinpah and Jerry Fielding is coming back to live in a fully remastered and expanded edition.

The somewhat dark, harsh and bittersweet colors of Jerry Fielding’s score proved to be the perfect match for this unusual tale of violence, death and revenge; a motion picture that further featured a desperate sense of romanticism as shot by Peckinpah.

Remixed from the original multi-tracks, this presentation finds the same track listing as the previous Intrada album release (out-of-print for nearly ten years) plus an additional 30 minutes of never-before-released material.

Among the bonus tracks there are a number of unique lounge-style cues, romantic melodies, a couple of interesting alternates as well as a real treat: all the music that Fielding recorded in Mexico, including some arrangements of popular themes which will be very familiar to all Fielding/Peckinpah fans (variations thereof were used in The Wild Bunch). Closing this album is a rarity: “Jerry and Camille”, a beautiful theme written and recorded by Jerry Fielding in Mexico and intended as a tribute to his wife Camille.

Produced by Nick Redman who also provides new and fresh liner notes. We are very proud to present the return of Alfredo Garcia in its most definite edition.

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